Canada’s Got Talent - Video Audition Tips
General Note
Make sure that you are well lit.  You want your light source to be in FRONT of you.   Please do NOT use any video or photo filters.   Make sure that you are in a quiet setting with minimal background noise. We want to clearly hear you.    

Introductory Video
It’s simple to record your introductory video! No bells or whistles needed.  Shoot this on your phone.  Save the file to your desktop. Drag and drop it into the application.   One BIG tip – hold your phone HORIZONTALLY (sideways) when you shoot.  This way we see you full frame.  If you hold your phone vertically, we only see you in one third of the screen.  We want to see your full frame.   We are trying to get to know you. Answer the questions outlined.  Be yourself.    

Performance Videos
Reminder to please follow all current federal government and provincial guidelines and COVID restrictions. We recommend groups to submit a pre-existing video online instead of gathering to shoot an application video.  We are accepting older videos as we understand that it has been challenging to film with large groups with current restrictions.

It is best if you perform to one or two songs for your audition rather than a mix or medley of songs which can be hard to clear for television. Make sure your choreography is tight and you bring lots of energy. Incorporating tricks and new, unique choreography is always a great way to stand out to the producers and judges. A good way to show your personality and unique style is through your wardrobe/costume. If you are a big group it’s always a good idea to dress in your team uniform or another fun costume.    

You want to shine at your audition. You should have a verse and chorus prepared, so please start off with your strongest. Remember that you can choose any part of the song to perform, so pick the part that best shows off your vocals.   Please make sure you make your performance your own. We want you to stand out. Maybe it’s your unique take on a well-known song. For example, a male auditioning by singing a song typically done by a female singer.  Maybe it’s a young person singing a golden oldie.   Simon Cowell has the following advice for all acts auditioning:    

Be original

Don’t be boring.

Stand out from the crowd. Be fearless.